Tamarind : Tamarind is more commonly known as Tamarind or imli, Tamarind is a rich source of vitamins, fiber, potassium, magnesium and other nutrients necessary or good health.
Tamarind Seeds : Roasted tamarind seeds are a popular snack amongst the rural population. The powder made from tamarind Seed has been adopted by the Indian textile industry as 300% more efficient and more economical than corn starch.
Tamarind On Trees : Tamarind on trees, Botanically, it�s among the large tropical trees belonging to the family of Fabaceae, of the genus: Tamarindus. Its sweet sour taste really makes it irresistible. Tamarind leaves are also eatable.
Soapnut : SOAPNUTS Commonly Known as ARITHA - REETHA - SHIKAKAI in INDIA. Soapnuts are 100% natural and contain no chemical additives.

Welcome Saya Sons

Late Mr. Farook Saya after completing his Education joined his Fathers Business in 1983 later on in 1994, We started this Firm SAYA SONS and currently operated by Mr. Nawaz Farook Saya. Then they started procurement from the farmers directly and not in the market. So we were able to get the raw material in the purchase price itself without additional cost or interference of middleman then he found out ways to preserve the tamarind for a long time by storing it in Cold Storage. In 1994. We started this Firm SAYA SONS and few years later to this he stared tamarind packets in small packing like 1Kg.

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Saya Sons Majorly deals in All Type of Tamarind ( Commonly known as IMLI) Seeded Tamarind, Whole Tamarind, Tamarind Seed. We also deal with products like Soapnut etc > more detail


Kindly see our Quality of Tamarind available with us, If the Quality satisfies you to win the market, You can do Business with us.

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